Improve Your Home With A Suspended Hammock Net

Suspended hammock nets can provide a fun and practical way to take advantage of otherwise unused space when building a home. They can be used to create additional usable space for "hanging out", reading, or playing while creating a more interesting, creative and exotic feel for your home.
In a recent renovation we designed a suspended net to extend the kids play area, utilizing a double height ceiling space above the den area below. Kids can move smoothly between the play room and the additional play area.
The suspended netted play area, was custom designed and constructed to fit in the exact area next to the playroom and is closed in on three other sides by walls. It was of course created with the proper constructional considerations and was approved by a certified and experienced engineer. Similar to climbing and swinging nets at public parks the suspended net area was designed to hold many times the weight of a group of adults. 



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