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Your family is embarking on a voyage. You want the voyage to take your family to the proper destination comfortably, according to your needs and budget. So, you start interviewing captains. Each captain tells you he can plan the journey, he can supervise the trip and help you purchase supplies. How do you pick the best captain for your journey? What should you expect from him? How do you avoid pitfalls?

Improve Your Home With A Suspended Hammock Net

Suspended hammock nets can provide a fun and practical way to take advantage of otherwise unused space when building a home. They can be used to create additional usable space for "hanging out", reading, or playing while creating a more interesting, creative and exotic feel for your home.
In a recent renovation we designed a suspended net to extend the kids play area, utilizing a double height ceiling space above the den area below. Kids can move smoothly between the play room and the additional play area.

Save Money When Buying In Israel. Your Designer Will Tell You How.


Buying a home in Israel is a momentous occasion. Whether you live  in Israel, are making aliyah, or buying overseas,   it is a very important event, and of course, should be done correctly.


 While real estate agents, lawyers, and friends will all have advice to share, consulting your interior designer is an important step before signing on the dotted line. Being an informed shopper means you are spending wisely. Consult with your interior designer before you buy, to make the best purchase possible, know exactly what is included and help negotiate lower prices.

How to Avoid the Common Mistakes when Purchasing a John.



A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, and a toilet by any other name would probably smell, well more or less the same…or would it?


In this blog post, we explore the many different types of toilets and a few handy hints and tricks to look out for when purchasing one, best of all it will help you keep your royal flush clean and smelling like…. a rose! 

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