Toilet Traumas - how to avoid the common mistakes when purchasing a John!

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, and a toilet by any other name would probably smell, well more or less the same…or would it?


In this blog post, we explore the many different types of toilets and a few handy hints and tricks to look out for when purchasing one, best of all it will help you keep your royal flush clean and smelling like…. a rose!


There are actually quite a lot of names for the humble toilet, whether it be the Loo, the John, the Dunny, the Royal Flush, the Can, the WC or the Throne- And just as there are many names for this functional piece of equipment, there are equally as many different styles and gadgets out there for it!


It may sound strange to over-analyse this but like anything else in the home that is both functional and aesthetic there are always traps to look out for when purchasing- and funnily enough in this case, the more aesthetically pleasing the toilet, generally the better the functionality too. Here’s our shortlist of things to look out for when buying yourself a toilet!


1.  Wall hung toilets/ Hidden water tanks:

Wall hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular and in Israel they are pretty much standard in new buildings these days.There are many benefits to wall-hung toilets- Firstly they make cleaning underneath very easy and there is no base to maneuver around with the mop and anyone who has little boys probably knows all too well about the need to clean every nook and cranny in the toilet vicinity. Wall hung toilets also look sleek, and best of all the height can be customized so if you’re 6 foot tall or elderly the height can be raised a little which is better on the knees! Ergonomics and aesthetics, What more could we ask for? The maintenance is simple as well. You simply pop off the flush panel if need be,  No need to break the tile – every time there is a problem. 


2. A wide large bowl and a steep slant on the inside and outside making it streamlined with minimal ridges:


<—- Thumbs up to this one.




<—– Thumbs down to this one.Toilets that are wide, streamlined and have a steep slant not only look more aesthetic but they will also cut your cleaning and scrubbing time down dramatically.  It’s not the most delightful topic to think about but with a toilet like this you won’t be constantly cleaning it after each use as everything will simply fall right into the water without touching the sides. It also minimises dirt build-up on outside ridges so no more scrubbing every inch of the toilet, dirt and residue simply has no where to build up with a toilet like this!


3. A toilet with a curved inside rim where the water comes out of:


<—- Stay away from this type.


If you run your fingers under the edge of the rim of the bowl (before it’s been used obviously!) then you will find either many small holes for the water to come out of OR one single opening followed by a C shaped tunnel surrounding the top of the bowl. The water flows through and then evenly washes down the entire bowl.  Several individual holes are not good so if you bought one like this- march back to the shop and swap it! Toilets with this type of washing mechanism will cause dirt build up, and eventually will end up staining the toilet bowl like in the picture above.  Also make sure the rim not visible from the top – is glazed around the edges and not just rough porcelain for maximum functionality.


4. Soft close lids and pop off lids:

The latest trends in toilet lids are all about soft close. No more slamming toilet seats down (too bad if you’re angry at your husband for leaving the seat up you’ll have to slam something else!) and best of all they save tiny little fingers from nasty slamming injuries! There are even soft close lids that pop off for easy cleaning- You just pop them off, wipe down and snap back on- how good is that!


5. Types of flushers:

From round to square, matte to polished, chrome to black there are many buttons to choose from for wall-hung toilets. Matte buttons tend not to show fingerprints as much, but also don’t look as good after a wipe down as their shiny sibling which do show more dirt, but when cleaned look as good as new!


There are also automatic sensor flushers- these look great but are more for commercial spaces than homes as they could get tricky on Shabbat. If you want a really clean look consider a new product (coming soon) which allows you to custom cut your tile and use that as the base of the panel. Talk about integrating beauty and functionality!


6. Water tanks:

If you have space limitations there are new types of tanks (also coming soon to the market)  that don’t have to sit right next to the toilet. This way you can put a wall-hung toilet in a smaller space and install the tank in a cupboard outside the bathroom for example. Form does not always need to follow function- this way you have both! Keep your eyes peeled for this innovation!


<—– conventional water tank for wall-hung toilet.


In addition to functionality and aesthetics, the environment is another factor to keep in mind. There are larger and smaller water tanks so check out how many liters it holds. Generally for a home toilet a smaller tank is fine, the larger tanks are mainly used for commercial and office spaces.


Another thing to look out for when buying the actual water tank and flushing mechanism is which type of wall you intend to install it in. Sheet-rock walls require different mechanisms than block walls- your designer should be able to help you out with that.  Another thing to keep in mind when ordering the tank is to  make sure that you know the height of the hidden tank. If youre planning to put the toilet under a window, you may need to get a low tank it is shaped slightly differently but does not affect the height of the toilet bowl and seat- again your designer should be able to help you with this.


All in all, the toilet is an integral part of every home and something that you use every day so it’s worth investing into a good one that will not only look great in your bathroom but also save you time and energy and money in keeping it clean!


On a more serious note, earlier this week was actually Word Toilet Day, which brings to light the fact that over 2.4 BILLION people in the world do not have access to clean safe toilets- for more info on how you can help -jump onto the website


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